Frequently Asked Questions

Every question is different, feel free to ask anything not covered by the below...
Q When will my order be shipped?

We have a great routine which works well and makes things very predicatble.

Orders are usually despatched daily except normal public holiday periods. To ensure the freshest possible supplies we order daily from our suppliers and hold minimal stock. Orders placed before noon will be dispatched the following working day, as follows:

  • Orders placed by Monday lunch time are dispatched on Tuesday
  • Orders placed by Tuesday lunch time are dispatched on Wednesday
  • Orders placed by Wednesday lunch time are dispatched on Thursday
  • Orders placed by Thursday lunch time are dispatched on Friday
  • Orders placed by Friday lunch time are dispatched on Monday

COVID 19 UPDATE: With the massive increase in sales due to highstreet shop closures and shortages we are currently struggling to get parcels picked and packed in time for the courier collections. This is causing some delays. We apologise for any inconveninece caused and thank you for your patience during these difficult times.

Q When willI I receive my parcel?

With the above schedule in mind, this would depend on the delivery service being used. Where shipping has been paid we use a next day service (for UK mainland areas). For orders with free shipping we use an economy service, usually Hermes. Their service known as '2 Day' tend to be a 2-5 day service in reality.

COVID 19 UPDATE: The couriers in some areas are currently suffering some minor delays due to the abnormally high volumes and staff coverage issues. This reportedly includes with their IT systems and some email notifications are not being sent. We appreciate your patience and support.

Q Why do your prices vary between your website, Amazon, eBay, OnBuy, eBid etc?
A Our price is always lowest directly on our own website. The main reason for this is the lack of comissions payable. Amazon comission rates are typically 15% of the overall sale price, eBay comission is a similar rate (once you factor in the PayPal comission). Our prices are inflated to cover this comission. So an item with a normal sell price of £100, would usually be around £117.65 (don't forget the inflated portion is subject to comission too). There are also other factors that influence the prices on marketplaces negatively which do not come in to play on our own website.
Q Why are your prices lower than lots of your competitors?
A There are a number of factors that help us keep our prices incredibly competitive on a like for like basis. We buy direct from distributors which helps us to keep our prices low. We don't offer free returns (which has a big list of pros and cons). We don't have any big expensive high street town centre shops. We don't even have a big flashy warehouse. We have a modest and humble warehouse on the outskirts of Hull. We have a very efficient bespoke IT infrastructure which means the workflow is very efficient. We take full advantage of barcodes to identify product, which alone saves our staff studying a product to check it's correct. Our staff levels might just shock you for the size of our operation. We're still a very close knit and small team, with family business roots.
Q Why can I buy this item cheaper in the supermarket?
A This is an unfair comparison. We're a premium pet supplies specialist, not a multi-store pile it high sell it cheap operation. Our prices also include delivery.
Q The packaging was really scrufy, why is this?
A We're great advocates for recycled packaging. We rescue waste card from several local businesses that would other wise go to land fill. With over 20,000 items, there's no one size fits all box, so in most cases we modify a box to fit. Other items don't even need packaging. We may apply some shirnk wrap to apply the label to, which once travelled does not look pretty, but it's certainly functional.
Q Can I order over the phone instead?
A We're not well geared for telephone orders as all our systems are streamlined for internet orders. Technically we can, but this is time consuming which makes it expensive for us. Taking a telephone order is generally time consuming and makes us nervous incase we do not select the correct item to the order. We have over 20,000 items and a lot of them are very similar to each other. You're welcome to place the order online and pay over the phone. You can either call us with the order ID, or we'll call you if you leave a valid phone number. Just choose the 'Pay over Telephone' option when placing the order. If you need us to take the order over the phone, we cannot select the free delivery option.
Q Can I collect my order?
A Yes, this is no problem. Just place your order as normal and choose 'Click & Collect' as a delivery method. Once your order is ready for collection we'll give you a call to let you know. If we cannot reach you by phone, we'll send a shipping notification as normal. Please see the first Q&A for our normal preparation schedule.
Q Can I book a delivery window?
A At the moment this is not a facility we can offer. Our carriers do not support this.
Q Can your offer a Guaranteed early (pre 9, 10 or 12 o'clock), Saturday or Sunday delivery?
A At the moment this is not a facility we offer as standard, but it is something we can do where needed. DPD offer this facility, but it's seldom required and our systems are not built to offer it. If you specifically need this service just let us know. Once we know the order details we can calculat the cost for you. You can then place the order as standard, then we'll take a separate payment over the phone for the additional charge.
Q Is a signature required?

We don't demand a signature, although the carriers prefer it if they can. The carriers we use now log GPS coordinates and take a photo of something to help proove delivery.

COVID 19 UPDATE: Our carriers are now offering contactless deliveries. You are not required to touch the drivers hand held terminal. We would also recommend washing your hands after handling/opening the parcel, you cannot be to careful out there at the moment.

Q Can my parcel be left in a 'safe place'?
A We're more than happy to provide the details of your preferred safe place. You can also set this up once it's shipped directly with the carriers (although Hermes don't make this easy). Alternatively just email us with the note you'd like us to add to te order, once you've ordered. If we need to add a note to the order, we have character limit of 30 so please keep additional instructions brief and clear.
Q I need medical/remedy advice, shall I give you a ring?
A No, our staff are not trained in these areas. Although we all get a bit fussy for most animals and as an enthusiast perhaps we have more knowledge and handy tips than the average person, we are simply not qualified to give such advice. The best starting point might be either the manufactuer of the products you're interested or speak with your vet. If you're loking for generic advice there's lots of good facebook groups and forums online, but be careful, there's lots of bad advice too.